Purchase "Unflappable", written by Carolyn E. Mosby and Lisa D. DeNeal.  

Published by IBJ Publishing in 2008.

"Unflappable" by Carolyn E. Mosby and Lisa D. DeNeal


Bridget J., Richmond LA

"I enjoyed reading the book,,,and connected in many ways to the stories told and related to the life experiences.  I literally read the book in one night from cover to cover and hated when i reached the end.  Can't wait for the next 40 year installment."

Jim A., Indianapolis, IN

"What I really liked about the book was learning the stories...It's amazing how the people in our past molded who we are today.  I think it was great how open and honest you were about your life.  You were keeping it real and that's what made the book so good."


"When I opened the book and read the introduction, I was grabbed by the glasses and I was transfixed to each and every chapter, word and page that came after until the very last punctuation."

Dominic T., Minneapolis, MN

"I just finished reading "Unflappable" and I'm thoroughly impressed.  This book is a must read and tells a compelling story of pain and perseverance.  Most importantly, it tells a story of victory."

The 411 Newspaper, Gary, IN

"With honesty and humor, Carolyn "Beth" Mosby-Williams writes her story at age 40, reviewing her life built on the foundation laid by her parents.  The daughter of John and Carolyn Brown Mosby - her mother, a prominent Lake County public official, served in both the Indiana House and Senate."

Dave, City Unknown

" I normally don't take the time to read books, however I was able to read "Unflappable" in two days...I especially liked the fact that I could relate to some of your experiences in life...Thanks for having the courage to share these moments with all of us."